Our Vision & Mission

1. Vision

Consequently to the unruly actions of Fulani Herdsmen upon Yoruba Nation, which indirectly made Bonafide Indegenes becoming slaves, captives, prisoners and victims on their fatherland; coupled with the breakdown in all sectors of governance, wanton killings, genocide, screeching poverty, massive deterioration and setbacks in standard and conditions of living in the geographical contrivance called Nigeria, YNN emerges to support the agitation for Yoruba sovereignty and to create a robust awareness that would ensure the Yoruba Nation's total separation from Nigeria unconditionally.

1:2. Similarly, in consequence of 107 years of Amalgamation's failure to forge National Cohesion, 61 years of Independence failure to produce a veritable National States and 64 years of Petrodollars, making Nigeria the poverty capital of the world; the YNN with all Yoruba Nationalists Movements have come to the inescapable conclusion that Nigeria be dissolved forthwith; so that all Ethnic Nationalities can go their separate ways to create their different Nations.

2. Mission
Yoruba Nation Now, aka YNN is hereby:

2:1. calling on every Yoruba Indigenes and Institutions at home and in the diaspora to join this global movement in creating awareness for the Yoruba Nation to emerge.

2:2. aiming to bring back our concept of Ọmọlúwàbí, that would protect our language, customs, culture and tradition:

2:3 determined to create a Governance System that is acceptable to Yoruba people first and then the International Community.
Such a government will promote transparency, accountability and probity.

2:4 sets to build a formidable Security System that will protect every law abiding citizens of Yoruba Nation:

2:5 determined to create an Enabling Environment and Infrastructures that would attract both Local and Foreign Investment, thus leading to massive job creation:

2:6. ascertained that our New Yoruba Nation will be bound by all International protocols, conventions, agreements, treaties and specifically all the provisions of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

2:7. The Yoruba Nation shall emulates the World's best standard practice in Agriculture, to achieve foods securities and sufficiencies.

2:8. The new Yoruba Nation will cooperates with the International Communities to attain rapid developments in Science and Technology.

2:9 The Yoruba Nation shall enters into Economy, Cultural, Technical and Scientific cooperation, with all friendly Countries of the World.